2019.09.11 11:12Nation





2019.09.11 11:12Nation

Abe Reshuffles Cabinet, Appointing Many New Faces

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe finalized the lineup of his new cabinet Wednesday, changing ministers in 17 of the 19 posts and bringing in 13 first timers, the highest figure for any of the cabinets he formed.
   Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, 70, announced the roster of the reshuffled cabinet at a press conference in the afternoon.
   Following the launch of the new cabinet, Abe, 64, will ramp up efforts so that he can leave political legacies, such as achieving his long-cherished goal of revising the war-renouncing Constitution, during the two years left in his term as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
   "Under the new organization, we will strongly push forward as one united party with our long-standing wish to revise the Constitution," Abe told a meeting of LDP executives.
   "The citizens' understanding is of utmost importance," he added. The LDP revamped its leadership team also on Wednesday.