2023.02.07 17:50Nation

日本郵便、不二越最低評価 中小企業との価格交渉―経産省


2023.02.07 17:50Nation

Japan Releases Names of Firms Opposed to Suppliers' Price Hikes

Japan's industry ministry on Tuesday released the names of companies that have shown reluctance to accept price hikes by small suppliers and to engage in price negotiations with them.
   Japan Post Co., a Japan Post Holdings Co. unit, was rated the worst in terms of how much small suppliers were able to pass on higher costs to clients, according to the ministry.
   Machinery maker Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. was rated the worst in terms of engaging in price negotiations with suppliers during April-September last year, the ministry said.
   The two companies were rated in the worst tier under a four-tier evaluation scheme in their respective categories.
   The results were based on a survey of about 150,000 small businesses conducted between September and November. The ministry assessed 148 companies that at least 10 small businesses said were major clients.