2021.05.07 08:36Nation

名目賃金、1年1カ月ぶり増 0.2%、残業減は続く―3月


2021.05.07 08:36Nation

Japan Nominal Wages Up for 1st Time in 13 Months

Nominal wages in Japan in March rose 0.2 pct from a year before to 282,164 yen on average, up for the first time in 13 months, preliminary labor ministry data showed Friday.
   Although wages recovered from drops last year triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, overtime remained on the decline. "We don't see the growth (in March) as an indication of a full-fledged improvement" of the wage situation in Japan, a ministry official said.
   The wage increase partly reflected a rise in the proportion of full-time workers, the official added.
   Of the nominal wages, regular pay increased 0.8 pct to 245,691 yen, while nonregular pay, including overtime, declined 6.2 pct to 18,113 yen, down for the 19th straight month. Nonregular pay for part-time workers plunged 18.8 pct to 2,375 yen.
   Price-adjusted real wages rose 0.5 pct.