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「飽和潜水」19日午後開始へ 作業船、網走港に到着―知床事故

 北海道・知床半島沖で26人が乗った観光船「KAZU I(カズワン)」が沈没した事故で、深い海に潜水士を送り込む「飽和潜水」の資機材を載せた作業台船が17日朝、網走港(網走市)に入港した。同港で潜水に向けた準備作業をした上で、19日午後に潜水士が水深約120メートルの海底へ潜り、カズワンの船内捜索などを始める予定。

2022.05.17 20:51Nation

Saturation Diving Barge Arrives at Abashiri Port near Shiretoko

A barge carrying saturation diving equipment that would allow divers to reach the sunken Kazu I tour boat arrived at a port in the city of Abashiri in Hokkaido, near the search site, on Tuesday.
   The boat sank off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, on April 23 and currently sits on a seabed at a depth of about 120 meters. Fourteen of the 26 people on board have been found and confirmed dead, while 12 people remain missing.
   Four saturation divers are expected to search the hull on Thursday and Friday to see if there is anybody left inside. After that, they are slated to check how seriously the boat is damaged.
   Based on the results of the search and inspections, the Japan Coast Guard's first regional headquarters and others will decide whether to salvage the sunken boat, and start the work shortly if the boat is to be salvaged.
   It is said that a diver with a regular diving cylinder can swim to a depth of only up to about 50 meters.