2021.05.07 12:08Nation

緊急事態、今月末まで 4都府県に愛知・福岡追加―午後決定、菅首相会見へ


2021.05.07 12:08Nation

Japan Panel OKs Plan to Extend Virus Emergency until May 31

A Japanese advisory panel Friday approved the government's plan to extend its coronavirus state of emergency for Tokyo and the three western prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo until May 31.
   The panel on coronavirus response basic policies also approved the government's plan to add Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, and Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, to the state of emergency list, effective Wednesday.
   The government has judged it necessary to continue strong COVID-19 measures in Tokyo and the three western prefectures and expand the areas under the emergency, as coronavirus variant infection cases are on the rise.
   The country's third coronavirus state of emergency was originally set to expire Tuesday.
   The government will formally decide the extension at a meeting of its coronavirus response headquarters later Friday. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will then hold a press conference to ask the public to cooperate.