2023.09.26 11:31Nation

岸田首相、閣僚に経済対策指示 「5本柱」で来月末策定


2023.09.26 11:31Nation

Japan Kishida Orders Economic Package Compilation by End-Oct.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida instructed his cabinet Tuesday to compile a package of economic measures centering on five pillars, including steps to deal with rising prices, by the end of October.
   Giving the instructions at a cabinet meeting, Kishida said that the five pillars include measures to protect people's daily lives from surging prices and support sustainable wage growth including in regional areas and at smaller companies.
   The three other pillars are to promote domestic investment, to tackle the country's declining population and accelerate the shift to a digital society, and to ensure the safety and security of the public including by boosting national resilience to disasters.
   "We'll work intensively on it over the next three years, regarded as a period of change. It's important to get off to a flying start," Kishida told the cabinet meeting.
   With the economic package, the government aims to return the fruit of economic growth, including higher tax revenues, to the people and achieve a shift away from an economy where cost reduction prevails by supporting wage increases and capital investment, Kishida said.