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常磐道あおり、男に有罪 男性暴行「危険で身勝手」―水戸地裁


2020.10.02 15:43Nation

Man Found Guilty over 2019 Road Rage in Ibaraki

A Japanese court on Friday sentenced the 44-year-old suspect in a 2019 road rage case on an expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture, eastern Japan, to two years and six months in prison, suspended for four years with probation.
   Mito District Court found Fumio Miyazaki, a company executive, guilty of coercion and injury in the high-profile case, in which he stopped the car of a then-24-year-old driver by reckless driving and assaulting him.
   What Miyazaki did was "extremely dangerous" and he had "selfish motives," Presiding Judge Takeyuki Yuki said in the ruling.
   According to the ruling, Miyazaki stopped the car of the company employee by repeatedly tailgating it on the Joban Expressway in Moriya, Ibaraki, on Aug. 10 last year.
   After the cars stopped, Miyazaki shouted things like, "Get out of the car now. I'll kill you," and punched the driver in his face five times, according to the ruling. The man suffered injuries that took a week to heal.