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ストーンズのロゴはヒンズー教の女神から ミックがインドで語る

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Lips like Kali-- Indian goddess inspired Rolling Stones logo

One of the world's most famous symbols of a band -- the ruby red tongue and lips of the Rolling Stones -- was inspired by the Indian goddess Kali, Mick Jagger has told Indian media.
Britain's Victoria and Albert Museum, which holds the original artwork in its collections, calls it one of the world's most instantly recognisable symbols of rock and roll.
But the inspiration was rooted in the tongue and lips of the Hindu goddess Kali, frontman Jagger told the Times of India in an interview printed Wednesday.
Kali, usually depicted as a four-armed lady in blue with a long tongue sticking out from red lips, is worshipped by Hindus as the goddess of destruction and time.
My brother was an early traveller to India. He would give me some books to read, Jagger said, the newspaper reported, who interviewed him while on a trip to Mumbai.
In 1969, I was looking for an image that would be an eye-grabbing thing, and I saw this image of a disembodied tongue of Kali. I thought it would be an inspiration. Then, designer John Pasche created this modernistic version of the tongue logo.
While in Mumbai, Jagger watched England thrash Pakistan and send them crashing out of the Cricket World Cup with a convincing 93-run on Saturday.
Jagger shared photos on social media of him standing in front of an idol of Kali.
British artist John Pasche was commissioned to produce the logo after Jagger saw his designs, earning £50 for his troubles.
Two years later he got another £200 in recognition of the logo's success.
In 2008, the Victoria and Albert Museum bought the original artwork from him for £50,000.
The Rolling Stones formed in London in 1962, and went on to become the world's biggest rock band.
Last month the band released Hackney Diamonds, the first since the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2019, and their first studio album of new music since 2005's A Bigger Bang.