2023.09.19 12:45Nation

ウクライナ支援、結束確認 G7外相が会合


2023.09.19 12:45Nation

G-7 Foreign Chiefs Affirm Cooperation over Ukraine Aid

Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven major countries, at a meeting in New York on Monday, reaffirmed their unity over aid offered to Ukraine amid Russia's invasion.
   Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa attended the meeting in her first overseas trip since assuming the post last week, marking the full-scale launch of her diplomatic activities as the foreign chief of this year's chair of the G-7 forum.
   At Monday's meeting, participants agreed to maintain sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the launch of its invasion on Ukraine.
   They shared their concern that Russia-North Korea cooperation could compromise regional security.
   The G-7 ministers also discussed China's hegemonic moves.