2022.05.27 08:36Nation

日本の対外純資産411兆円 円安で2年ぶり最高―21年末


2022.05.27 08:36Nation

Japan's Net External Assets Hit Record 411 T. Yen

Net external assets owned by governments, companies and individuals in Japan at the end of 2021 increased 15.8 pct from a year before to a record 411,184.1 billion yen, the Finance Ministry said Friday.
   The net external assets, or total overseas assets minus external debts, expanded mainly because the value in yen terms of foreign currency-denominated assets swelled owing to the Japanese currency's depreciation. The size of increase was also the largest on record.
   Japan remained as the world's largest creditor in terms of net external assets for 31 years in a row.
   Foreign exchange fluctuations pushed up net external assets by some 62 trillion yen.
   The dollar rose by some 12 yen from a year before to over 115 yen as of the end of 2021. The greenback climbed further after the turn of the year, by over 10 yen, and net external assets are believed to have increased further.