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デジタル田園都市実現へ交付金 来年度予算で看護・介護賃上げ―「新しい資本主義」緊急提言案


2021.11.05 21:22Nation

Japan Eyes Huge Grants for "Digital Garden City" Initiative

A Japanese government panel is considering large-scale grants to realize Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's initiative to build a "digital garden city state" for regional economic revitalization, it was learned Friday.
   Aiming to rebuild the middle class through income redistribution, the panel will also say in its upcoming emergency proposals that fiscal funds will be earmarked to raise salaries of nurses and elderly care workers from fiscal 2022, which starts in April next year.
   The government plans to present a draft of the proposals at a meeting Monday of the panel on a new form of capitalism, which is chaired by Kishida, aiming to reflect them in its economic stimulus package to be released in mid-November.
   The panel will highlight the government's readiness to take all possible policy measures to ensure broad-based income increases among the people and realize the next stage of growth, according to the draft.
   The draft says that the digital garden city state initiative, aimed at boosting the use of digital technologies in rural areas to narrow the gap between city and nonurban areas, will be implemented as part of the country's growth strategy in order to generate wealth for distribution.