2021.05.07 08:46Nation

「波の揺れで地球を実感」 野口さん、帰還後初会見


2021.05.07 08:46Nation

Japanese Astronaut Noguchi Talks About His Return to Earth

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has talked about how he felt when he returned to Earth after his long stay at the International Space Station.
   "Right after splashdown, we feel the wave motion, that is, we come back to Earth, the water planet," Noguchi said in an online press conference with three other astronauts Friday morning Japan time.
   Noguchi, along with the three U.S. astronauts, returned to Earth on Sunday after his stay of nearly six months aboard the ISS.
   Noguchi, who is continuing his rehabilitation, looked healthy, showing smiles throughout the conference.
   Noguchi explained that the Crew Dragon spacecraft that carried them had a very gentle landing in waters off Florida and that the impact was very minimal compared with the other two crafts he had used, a Russian Soyuz and a U.S. space shuttle.