2024.04.24 05:21Nation

円安進行「米国にとって大惨事」 34年ぶり安値で―トランプ氏


2024.04.24 05:21Nation

Ex-Pres. Trump Terms Yen's Drop "Disaster" for U.S.

The yen's recent fall against the dollar is a "total disaster for the United States," former U.S. President Donald Trump said in a social media post Tuesday.
   Trump made the post on his own social media platform, Truth Social, after the U.S. currency hit 34-year highs above 154.50 yen.
   U.S. manufacturers "are actually unable to compete and will be forced to either lose lots of business, or build plants, or whatever, in the 'smart' Countries," the all-but-certain Republican nominee in the presidential election in November said in the post.
   "When I was President, I spent a good deal of time telling Japan and China, in particular, you can't do that," he also said, claiming to have made efforts to prevent the Asian countries from guiding their currencies lower.
   Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden "has let it go," Trump added.