2024.04.23 20:26Nation

確認せず不記載「公民権停止」 規正法改正、政活費は検討項目―自民案


2024.04.23 20:26Nation

LDP Drafts Proposal to Revise Political Funds Control Law

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, at a party meeting on Tuesday, broadly approved its own proposal to revise the political funds control law, following a high-profile money scandal involving its factions.
   In light of heavy criticism of the LDP over the slush fund scandal, the LDP proposal calls for requiring member lawmakers to prepare a document confirming that there are no errors in their political funds reports, in order to strengthen their accountability.
   If LDP lawmakers issue such a document without properly checking their reports and their accounting officials are penalized for unreported funds, the lawmakers would be slapped with a civil rights suspension.
   Such lawmakers would also be required to pay a "considerable amount" of money to the national treasury.
   The LDP will hold talks on the matter with its coalition partner, Komeito, on Wednesday. It plans to draw up the ruling coalition's proposal and then hold talks with the opposition camp, with the aim of enacting revisions to the law during the current Diet session.