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工場立地の規制緩和検討 半導体念頭、岸田首相「柔軟に対応」


2023.10.04 22:00Nation

Japan Eyes Deregulation for Plant Construction

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Wednesday suggested an easing of restrictions on land use to facilitate the construction of plants to make semiconductors and other goods considered important for national economic security.
   "We'll be flexible about land use regulations so that national projects will proceed smoothly," Kishida told a meeting of a public-private forum to expand domestic investment.
   Relevant government agencies will consider deregulation to add factories for such products to the list of facilities that can be built with special permits from local governments even in urbanization control districts, where development activities are restricted.
   "We'll create a flexible system under which additional infrastructure investment necessary for business bases in strategic fields can be made stably over multiple years," Kishida said, announcing a plan to strengthen financial support for projects to build infrastructure, such as roads and industrial water supply systems, necessary to attract new plants.
   He also unveiled a plan to introduce a tax cut to promote domestic investment in strategic fields.