2023.10.04 19:57Nation

アジアの農業高度化支援 日本の技術活用へ―ASEAN農水相


2023.10.04 19:57Nation

Japan to Back Smart Agriculture in ASEAN States

Japan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Wednesday agreed to start a bilateral project to help ASEAN countries develop smart agriculture using Japanese technologies.
   Japan and ASEAN held the first meeting of their agriculture ministers in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. From Japan, minister Ichiro Miyashita participated.
   In the project, Japan will share with ASEAN states techniques and knowledge accumulated through programs under its strategy to improve food self-sufficiency and agricultural sustainability domestically.
   "We've received high praise from participating countries," Miyashita said of the planned project at a press conference after the meeting.
   Many Asian countries produce limited types of crops after they were forced to do this under colonial rule in the past. They suffer low self-sufficiency rates, depending on the crops.