2023.06.01 19:23Nation

医療データ活用へ法整備 看護師の業務拡大―規制改革答申


2023.06.01 19:23Nation

Japan Govt Council Urges Promotion of Medical Data Use

The Japanese government's Council for Promotion of Regulatory Reform on Thursday adopted a report calling for legislation to promote the use of medical data, such as electronic clinical records.
   In the report, the council positioned medical data as "an indispensable premise for receiving appropriate medical treatment and care."
   It urged the use of such data to promote the health of citizens and strengthen responses to future infectious disease crises.
   The council also called for developing a relevant legal framework, including reviewing the system and operation of the personal information protection law.
   The report includes some 260 proposals in five fields--medical services and infectious disease response, investment in human capital, administrative and judicial procedures, business startups, and regional industrial revitalization.