2022.12.29 20:33Nation

「おりづるガチャ」で就労支援 障害者が作製、収入増目指す―設置場所が拡大・千葉


2022.12.29 20:33Nation

All Eyes on Origami Crane "Gacha Gacha" Capsules in Japan

Vending machines that sell "gacha gacha" capsule toys containing origami cranes folded by people with disabilities are garnering attention in Japan.
   The origami crane gacha gacha project was organized by the Employment Support Network for Persons with Disabilities P&P, based in the city of Kashiwa in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, with the aim of helping people with disabilities find jobs and boost their income.
   "We are hoping that the project will support people with severe disabilities who are working in a tough wage environment," Yoko Okutake, 40, head of the group, said.
   Mainly targeting foreign visitors to Japan, the group set up the first such gacha gacha machine at a commercial facility near Narita International Airport in the city of Narita, Chiba, in October 2021. Each capsule cost 500 yen and contained an origami crane with a magnet, an "omikuji" fortune slip written in five languages, and a handwritten note.
   The project then became a hit, and the machines are now set up at seven locations, mainly in Chiba. One of the places is Keisei Electric Railway Co.'s Keisei Ueno Station in Tokyo's Taito Ward.