2022.12.06 20:31Nation

空自戦闘機、比に初派遣 部隊間交流で2機


2022.12.06 20:31Nation

Japan ASDF Fighters Sent to Philippines for 1st Time

Two F-15 fighter jets of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force arrived at the Philippine Air Force's Clark Air Base on Luzon Island in the Philippines on Tuesday, as part of an exchange program between the two sides.
   It was the first time for the ASDF to send fighter jets to the Southeast Asian nation. The move came as China is gaining a military foothold in the South China Sea.
   At a welcome ceremony, Hideo Takahashi, deputy commander of the ASDF's Western Air Defense Force, said that the ASDF hopes to enhance cooperation with the Philippine Air Force for the peace and prosperity of the two nations and of the Indo-Pacific region.
   The exchange program is being joined by around 60 ASDF members between Nov. 27 and next Sunday.
   In July last year, Japan and the Philippines held their first bilateral military drill.