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再エネ発電、初の20%超 目立つ火力依存、21年度電源構成―経産省


2022.11.25 07:35Nation

Japan's Reliance on Renewables Tops 20 Pct for 1st Time

Japan's reliance on renewable energy sources in fiscal 2021 rose 0.5 percentage point from the previous year to 20.3 pct of its overall annual electricity generation, exceeding 20 pct for the first time ever, according to industry ministry data.
   In the year that ended in March, solar power accounted for 8.3 pct, wind power 0.9 pct and hydropower 7.5 pct.
   The proportion of nuclear power rose 3.0 points to 6.9 pct, reflecting progress on reactivating reactors.
   However, the country's reliance on renewables was still low compared with other major economies.
According to the ministry, in 2020 the reliance stood at 43.6 pct in Germany and 43.1 pct in Britain. Even in China, which is also highly reliant on coal-fired power generation, it came to 27.7 pct.