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2022.11.24 18:50Nation

Shionogi Applies for Approval of Its COVID-19 Vaccine

Shionogi & Co. said Thursday that it has applied with the health ministry for approval to manufacture and sell its COVID-19 vaccine, the first such vaccine developed by a Japanese drugmaker.
   Shionogi's vaccine is supposed to be used for the first, second and third vaccinations against COVID-19 for those aged 20 or older in the country.
   The vaccine is a recombinant protein-based type that is different from messenger RNA vaccines, including one developed by U.S. drug giant Pfizer Inc., that are widely used in Japan now.
   Shionogi is also developing a vaccine also targeting novel coronavirus variants including omicron and planning to accelerate efforts to put it to practical use.
   In December 2020, the company started a clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine for which it has applied for approval.