2022.05.27 09:16Nation

男女共同参画の中央組織を 女性活躍で重点方針原案―政府


2022.05.27 09:16Nation

Japan Govt Eyeing Central Body for Gender Equality

The Japanese government created a plan Friday to establish an organization to serve as the national central body for regional gender equality centers, aiming to boost support for women's economic independence.
   The plan is included in a draft of the 2022 priority policy measures for women's empowerment and gender equality drew up at the day's meeting of the Council for Gender Equality, chaired by Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno.
   "Our country is lagging behind other nations in gender equality," Seiko Noda, minister in charge of gender equality, told the meeting.
   "Female lives and families have been diversified. Assumptions taken for granted during the Showa era no longer apply," Noda said, referring to the period that ran from 1926 to 1989.
   "The key to tackling declining births and population is gender equality," she stressed.