2022.05.20 05:09Nation

「ウクライナ選手、心に傷」 テニス連盟副会長、母国の現状語る


2022.05.20 05:09Nation

INTERVIEW: Ukraine Tennis Players Face Plight; Helped by Foreign Aid

A senior tennis official of Ukraine has called attention to the plight players from the nation face due to Russia's invasion, while expressing gratitude to countries, including Japan, for extending support to them.
   Tennis practice facilities and private clubs in many locations in Ukraine have sustained enormous damage in the conflict. "This is not 'difficulties,' we might say that. The economy is in crisis...(the) Ukrainian Tennis Federation training center was completely destroyed and is not going to be rebuilt," Evgeniy Zukin, vice president of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation, told Jiji Press in a recent online interview.
   Since Russia started its military aggression in Ukraine, an increasing number of citizens have lost their jobs and become financially strapped, according to Zukin.
   "So it's not time to be talking about tennis. This is time to speak about the survival, first of all," he said.
   Some tennis clubs in the capital of Kyiv have reopened, but "not as many people as previously can afford to play tennis," he said.