2022.05.20 18:12Nation

ロケット打ち上げ「抜本強化」 岸田首相表明、宇宙計画改定で


2022.05.20 18:12Nation

Japan to Drastically Strengthen Rocket Launch Capabilities

The Japanese government Friday set out a target of drastically enhancing the country's rocket launch capabilities as it prepares to revise a road map in its basic space plan at year-end.
   "We will radically strengthen our country's rocket launch capabilities," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told a meeting of the government's Strategic Headquarters for Space Development.
   The target, which is among the high-priority items decided at the meeting, came at a time when Japan has become unable to use the rockets of Russia, which has invaded Ukraine.
   Kishida said the government also aims to make it possible to launch multiple satellites frequently by putting into practical use an H-3 rocket, being developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, and others.
   Currently, Japan relies on the United States and Russia for commercial rocket launches.