2022.05.20 18:42Nation

男女別賃金、開示義務化 早期の格差解消目指す―新資本主義会議


2022.05.20 18:42Nation

Gender Wage Gap Disclosure to Become Mandatory in Japan

The Japanese government decided on Friday to oblige companies to disclose wage gaps between their male and female employees, in a bid to narrow such gaps in Japan, which are larger than those in the United States and Europe.
   The move is part of efforts to promote information disclosure aimed at facilitating investments in human resources, as pushed by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.
   The decision was made at a meeting of a council on realizing a new form of capitalism, a signature policy of the prime minister.
   For the mandatory disclosure of gender wage gaps, the government will revise ordinances of the law on promoting women's participation and put them into effect in July.
   In term of regular workers, women's wages account for 77.5 pct of men's wages in Japan, lower than 87.7 pct in Britain and 82.3 pct in the United States.