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今春大卒、就職率95.8% コロナ禍2年連続低下―厚労・文科省


2022.05.20 08:51Nation

Employment Rate for New College Grads in Japan Falls

The employment rate among people in Japan who graduated from universities in spring this year fell for the second straight year, as businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic reduced hiring, a government survey showed Friday.
   The survey by the labor and education ministries showed that the employment rate among those new college graduates as of April 1 dropped 0.2 percentage point from a year before to 95.8 pct.
   The rate had been on a rising trend in recent years amid the country's labor shortages, marking a record 98.0 pct in spring 2020. But the figure marked the second-largest drop of 2.0 points in spring 2021 due to the pandemic.
   The job market for new graduates in spring this year had been solid, according to the labor ministry. The job-securing rate among them had topped the year-before level since October.
   The employment rate stood at 95.4 pct for new graduates who majored in humanities and social sciences, down 0.6 point from a year before. The rate for new graduates who had science majors came to 97.4 pct, up 1.5 points.