2022.05.19 21:52Nation

工業用水、取水を再開 本格復旧めど立たず―愛知


2022.05.19 21:52Nation

Trouble-Hit Central Japan Facility Able to Resume Water Intake

A facility to distribute water for industrial use in the central Japan prefecture of Aichi that has been hit by a major leak is now able to resume water intake thanks to an emergency measure, the prefectural government said Thursday.
   The facility in the city of Toyota uses a weir to take in water from a river and sends the water to a water treatment plant in the city of Anjo in Aichi through an irrigation channel. The water is then supplied to 131 businesses in 12 municipalities in the prefecture, including Toyota and Okazaki.
   The prefecture is a hub for the automobile industry.
   The massive water leak made intake impossible on Wednesday, prompting the prefectural government to ask the businesses concerned to save water.
   To deal with the situation, the agriculture ministry's Tokai central region branch in Nagoya, the capital of Aichi, started to use temporary pumps on Wednesday. After the number of pumps was increased from 25 to 42, water started to accumulate in a channel at the Anjo water treatment plant Thursday morning, according to the prefectural government.