2019.09.12 19:49Nation



2019.09.12 19:49Nation

Power, Water Outages Continue in Typhoon-Hit Chiba Pref.

Power and water outages in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, continued Thursday, after a powerful typhoon struck the region earlier this week.
   Electricity will likely be fully restored on Friday or later, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. said. About 300,000 households, mainly in the southern part of the prefecture, were still out of electricity as of 6 p.m. Thursday (9 a.m., GMT), according to TEPCO.
   Some 30,000 households had no running water as of 4 p.m., partly because water pumps were not working due to the power outage, which started on Monday, the Chiba prefectural government said.
   The number of people staying at evacuation centers came to some 840, according to the local government. On the day, a total of over 200 schools and kindergartens were closed.
   In affected areas, people were allowed to charge their smartphones at municipal government offices, and water trucks were deployed.