2021.05.06 20:35Nation

都民、自宅近隣に滞在65% 「ステイホームに協力」と分析―新型コロナ


2021.05.06 20:35Nation

65 Pct of Tokyoites Remained near Homes during Golden Week

Over half of Tokyo residents remained near their homes during the Golden Week holiday period from April 29 to Wednesday, according to a report submitted at a recent metropolitan government meeting.
   Mobile phone location information analysis show that 65 pct of residents stayed within a 5-kilometer radius of their homes on average during the seven days, while 57 pct stayed within a radius of 3 kilometers.
   At the meeting to monitor the novel coronavirus situation, held Thursday, an expert said that many residents cooperated by staying home during the Golden Week period, when Tokyo was under the country's third coronavirus state of emergency.
   The numbers of people in major downtown areas also fell below the levels during the second state of emergency from January to March.
   "I'd like to thank everyone who cooperated," Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said.