2024.07.11 18:36Nation

性暴力事件、米側から通報なし 「合意違反」批判も―林官房長官


2024.07.11 18:36Nation

Sexual Assaults by U.S. Servicemen Not Reported to Japan

Sexual assault cases involving U.S. military personnel stationed in Okinawa Prefecture that came to light in late June had not been reported to Japan's Foreign Ministry or Defense Ministry, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi said Thursday.
   The United States failed to report the cases despite a 1997 agreement with Japan to report swiftly to the two ministries incidents and accidents involving U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan.
   At a news conference, Hayashi explained that the Foreign Ministry communicated appropriately with the United States over the assault cases after receiving information from local police, allowing relevant authorities in Japan to respond promptly.
   "We understand that the cases were not reported against these backgrounds," Hayashi said.