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五輪談合、博報堂に罰金2億円 グループ会社元社長も有罪―企業側初の判決・東京地裁


2024.07.11 12:34Nation

Hakuhodo Ordered to Pay 200 M. Yen over Tokyo Games Bid-Rigging

Tokyo District Court on Thursday ordered major Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. to pay 200 million yen in fines for violating the antimonopoly law by rigging bids linked to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics held in 2021.
   Hakuhodo became the first company to receive a court ruling over a high-profile series of Tokyo Games-linked bid-rigging cases.
   The district court also sentenced Kenichiro Yokomizo, 57, former president of a Hakuhodo group firm, to 18 months in prison, suspended for three years, also on charges of violating the antimonopoly law.
   Presiding Judge Kenji Yasunaga said that Yokomizo attempted to prearrange bidding prices and winners with related companies in line with the wishes of Yasuo Mori, 57, a former senior official of the Tokyo Games organizing committee who has been convicted of antimonopoly law violation.
   According to the ruling, Yokomizo conspired with Mori and others to decide winners in advance for bidding for contracts to plan Tokyo Games-related test events in February-July 2018. Only the preselected winners participated in the bidding.