2024.07.11 18:11Nation

貨物船で爆発、9人けが セメント工場に接岸中―福岡


2024.07.11 18:11Nation

7 Injured in Explosion on Berthed Ship in Southwestern Japan

Seven people were injured in an explosion that occurred on a ship moored at a quay at a cement plant in southwestern Japan on Thursday morning, local police and fire authorities said.
   They were sent to hospital. The injuries are serious for one or more of the seven, according to the sources.
   The explosion occurred shortly after 9:30 a.m., when a hatch of the vessel was opened. The seven people are believed to have suffered burns due to hot air from the blast, which did not lead to a fire.
   Police and fire authorities are investigating details of the explosion, including how it happened. The vessel, which is about 60 meters long and weighs 499 tons, was apparently loaded with earth.
   The plant in the town of Kanda, Fukuoka Prefecture, is operated by Mitsubishi Ube Cement Corp. It is located northeast of Kyushu Railway Co.'s Kanda Station.