2024.07.10 18:39Nation

防衛省、大量処分12日公表 特定秘密、手当不正問題で


2024.07.10 18:39Nation

Japan Defense Ministry to Announce Punishments on Fri. for Misconduct

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to announce punishments for a large number of personnel on Friday over alleged mishandlings of security secrets and benefit fraud, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
   The ministry will also disclose the results of its investigation into such misconduct cases on Friday, the people said.
   Sloppy management of security secrets has been found at the Maritime Self-Defense Force, including an unqualified crew member of a destroyer being assigned to work at the vessel's combat command center, which handles secrets.
   Improper handling of secrets has also been found at the Air SDF and the SDF's Joint Staff Office.
   At the MSDF, some divers have been found to have fraudulently received allowances for missions and training, likely totaling several tens of millions of yen.