2024.05.22 12:18Nation

林官房長官、中国大使発言に厳重抗議 「日本の民衆は火の中に」


2024.05.22 12:18Nation

Japan Protests China Envoy's Taiwan-Related Remark

Japan has lodged a strong protest against a remark by the Chinese ambassador to the country over Tokyo's possible involvement in the situation in Taiwan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi said Wednesday.
   Ambassador Wu Jianghao's remark, that Japanese people will be dragged into the flames if Japan gets involved in any attempt to divide China, was extremely inappropriate, Hayashi told a press conference.
   "We expect a peaceful resolution through dialogue" regarding the Taiwan issue, Hayashi said, adding that Japan will seize every opportunity to strongly urge the Chinese side to handle the situation in such a manner
   Wu made the remark Monday, when he argued that the attendance of Japanese lawmakers at an inaugural ceremony for Taiwan's new leader Lai Ching-te sent an extremely wrong political signal.