2023.11.21 16:31Nation

元同大アメフト部員4人に実刑 酔った女性を暴行―京都地裁


2023.11.21 16:31Nation

Ex-Members of Doshisha Univ. American Football Team Get Prison Terms

Kyoto District Court on Tuesday sentenced four former members of Doshisha University's American football team to three years and six months in prison for raping an intoxicated woman.
   Presiding Judge Hiroshi Kawakami said that the four's lack of concern for the woman's integrity deserves strong condemnation.
   The judge added that a suspended sentence would not be appropriate for them, even in light of the fact that the four have been expelled from the university.
   According to the ruling, the four, including Yuki Katai, 22, sexually assaulted the woman in her 20s at Katai's home in the western Japan city of Kyoto on the morning of May 21 last year.
   In response to the ruling, the university's president, Tomoko Ueki, issued a statement apologizing again for the incident and vowing to work to prevent such an incident from happening again and to create a university environment where students can lead healthy lives.