2023.05.26 09:44Nation

大学生就職率、97.3% 経済回復で3年ぶり上昇―今春卒


2023.05.26 09:44Nation

97 Pct of New University Graduates in Japan Land Jobs

The proportion of people in Japan who graduated from universities in March and secured jobs as of April 1 came to 97.3 pct, up 1.5 percentage points from a year before, a survey by the labor and education ministries showed Friday.
   The job-securing ratio marked the first increase in three years and nearly reached pre-pandemic levels as the economy recovered from the pandemic. The ratio was at a record high of 98.0 pct in 2018 and 2020.
   Universities feel a recovery in corporate hiring appetite and a steady increase in job openings, a labor ministry official said.
   The job-securing ratio stood at 97.3 pct for both male and female students. The ratio was up 2.7 points for male students and up 0.2 point for female students.
   The ratio climbed 1.7 points to 97.1 pct for graduates who majored in humanities and gained 0.7 point to 98.1 pct for those who majored in science and engineering.