2022.12.09 21:33Nation

スタンド・オフ防衛能力に5兆円 外国製ミサイル購入も明記―安保文書骨子案


2022.12.09 21:33Nation

Japan Plans to Spend 5 T. Yen on Standoff Defense Capabilities

The Japanese government plans to spend 5 trillion yen to develop standoff defense capabilities in the five years from fiscal 2023, according to draft outlines revealed Friday for its three key security-related documents to be revised this month.
   With the U.S.-made Tomahawk cruise missile in mind, the draft outlines also include a plan to "steadily introduce foreign-made standoff missiles."
   Regarding standoff missiles, the government will "strengthen the operational capabilities for both land-based and submarine-launched missiles," according to the draft outlines.
   On cybersecurity, the government will create a "structure enabling constant risk management mainly for key systems" while introducing an "active cyber defense" framework.
   The draft outlines also feature Japan's plan to acquire counterstrike capabilities, defining them as "the capabilities of the Self-Defense Forces that allow our country to mount an effective counterattack on an enemy domain, through the use of standoff defense capabilities and others."