2022.09.29 21:28Nation

中ロ軍艦、大隅海峡を同時通過 共同運航に統幕長懸念―防衛省


2022.09.29 21:28Nation

China, Russia Warships Pass through Strait in Southwestern Japan

Japan's Defense Ministry said seven Chinese and Russian warships have passed through the Osumi Strait in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, as one big group.
   The move is believed to be part of a joint patrol mission announced by Russia's Defense Ministry.
   It was the second time ever for Chinese and Russian warships to sail through the strait together, with the first such event taking place in October last year, when a total of 10 warships sailed through the strait after passing the Tsugaru Strait between the Honshu and Hokkaido islands in northern Japan.
   "As we feel that the Chinese and Russian navies have bolstered their cooperation, we will pay further attention (to related developments) and conduct surveillance activities," Gen. Koji Yamazaki, chief of staff at the Defense Ministry's Joint Staff, told a press conference on Thursday.
   According to the ministry, three Chinese warships and four Russian warships traveled west through the Osumi Strait, which is located between the Osumi Peninsula and Tanegashima Island, both in Kagoshima Prefecture, in one straight line from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.