2022.09.25 20:32Nation

日系人強制収容で慰霊帳設置 12万人超の名刻む―米ロサンゼルス


2022.09.25 20:32Nation

U.S. Museum Installs WWII Incarceration Monument

The Japanese American National Museum on Saturday installed a book monument containing the names of over 125,000 people of Japanese ancestry incarcerated in U.S. concentration camps during World War II.
   Visitors to the museum in Los Angeles will be able to leave a mark on the "ireicho" book by using a special Japanese "hanko" seal as a way to honor those incarcerated at 75 sites across the United States in the wartime.
   The monument will be open to the public for one year from Sunday.
   The book "comes alive" as visitors interact with it by leaving hanko marks, said University of Southern California professor Duncan Williams, who planned the memorial project.
   The project also features online archives of the names of all people listed in the book that are accessible via the internet.