2022.08.09 18:07Nation

トルコ国籍クルド人を難民認定 国内初、札幌高裁判決受け―入管局


2022.08.09 18:07Nation

Japan Recognizes Turkish Kurd as Refugee for 1st Time

A regional immigration bureau in Japan has recognized a Turkish Kurd as a refugee, following a recent court decision overturning the Japanese government's earlier dismissal of his applications for the status, a lawyer for the man said Tuesday.
   It was the first time for a Turkish Kurd to be given refugee status in Japan, according to the secretariat of the Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees.
   The recognition was made by the Sapporo Regional Immigration Services Bureau in Sapporo, the capital of the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido, on July 28.
   The man, 30, filed for refugee status in Japan twice after fleeing to the country in 2014 amid the risk of being persecuted by Turkish authorities, but the applications were turned down, according to the lawyer.
   In 2019, the man filed a lawsuit with Sapporo District Court, seeking a verdict to cancel the dismissal of his refugee applications. The court rejected the petition.