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救急搬送困難6589件 2週連続で最多更新―総務省消防庁


2022.08.09 17:37Nation

Japan Hospital Transport Difficulty Cases Hit New High

The number of cases across Japan in which ambulance crew members had difficulty finding hospitals to accept emergency patients hit a record high for the second straight week, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said Tuesday.
   In the week to Sunday, the number of such cases totaled 6,589, up from the previous record high of 6,307, logged the preceding week, according to the agency.
   Of the latest weekly total, suspected novel coronavirus patients came to a record 2,873, up from 2,789 the previous week and accounting for 43.6 pct of the total.
   The increase in hospital transport difficulty cases apparently reflected the number of new COVID-19 infection cases in the country remaining at very high levels. The number of people taken to hospital by ambulance due to heatstroke also increased amid scorching heat.
   The agency defines emergency hospital admission difficulty cases as those in which ambulance crew members make inquiries with at least four medical institutions and take more than 30 minutes from arrival at an emergency patient's location to start the journey to a hospital.