2022.07.05 11:55Nation

台風4号、長崎上陸後低気圧に 西日本と東海、大雨警戒―高知で未明に「線状降水帯」


2022.07.05 11:55Nation

Typhoon Aere Lands in Japan's Nagasaki Prefecture

Typhoon Aere made landfall in or near the city of Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan, on Tuesday morning, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.
   The fourth typhoon of the year may cross the northern part of the Kyushu southwestern Japan region and is forecast to turn into an extratropical cyclone by early evening on the same day, the agency said.
   Extremely heavy rainfall hit some areas in Kyushu and the Shikoku western region. The agency warned residents in western Japan and the Tokai central region of landslides, swollen river and inundation of low-lying areas. It also put the public on alert against violent winds and high waves.
   At 6 a.m. Tuesday (9 p.m. Monday GMT), Typhoon Aere was moving north-northeast near Sasebo at 20 kilometers per hour, with a central atmospheric pressure of 1,000 hectopascals. It had a maximum sustained wind speed of 18 meters per second and a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 25 meters per second.
   In the early hours of Tuesday, a linear precipitation zone, a band of cumulonimbus clouds that causes very heavy rain, was formed over the western area of Kochi Prefecture in western Japan. The city of Susaki in Kochi had 208 millimeters of rainfall in the three hours to 1:10 a.m., a record high for the site.