2022.07.04 12:43Nation

通話、いまだ利用しづらく データ通信「おおむね回復」―発生60時間、復旧は未定・KDDI障害


2022.07.04 12:43Nation

KDDI Service Disruption Remains for Phone Calls

KDDI Corp. customers still had difficulties making phone calls on Monday afternoon, nearly 60 hours after the outbreak of the large-scale network disruption across Japan.
   The major Japanese telecommunications carrier said its data communications services had been mostly restored nationwide as of the morning, following the completion of work to resolve the problem by Sunday evening.
   Still, KDDI continued to restrict communications due to work to verify whether its network functions properly. It remains uncertain when its services can be fully restored.
   The major service disruption started around 1:35 a.m. Saturday (4:15 p.m. Friday GMT). A glitch happened during work to replace network equipment, affecting other devices in a chain reaction.
   The problem temporarily caused as many as 39.15 million subscribers nationwide to have difficulties using voice call and data communications services.