2019.12.23 17:59Nation

パワハラ防止、6月義務化 企業は処分方針明示―指針決定


2019.12.23 17:59Nation

Japan to Oblige Firms to Ban Power Harassment under Work Rules

A Labor Policy Council subcommittee adopted Monday new guidelines obliging companies to clearly ban in their rules so-called power harassment at workplaces.
   The guidelines, to be implemented in June next year, will require employers to set rules on reprimanding workers who commit power harassment, or work-related bullying, as well as offer consultation services for harassed workers.
   The subcommittee of the council advising the labor minister made no revision to draft guidelines it drew up in November.
   The finalized guidelines define power harassment as impairing the work environment by a superior worker's language and behavior that exceed the scope necessary for work, citing six typical actions including "repeating coercive reprimands" and "removing noncompliant workers from work."
   Meanwhile, examples of behavior not categorized as power harassment are also listed. Among them is "reprimanding employees strongly to some extent when they do something seriously problematic."