2022.05.28 19:48Nation

原因究明へ船内検証 損傷状況確認、捜査本格化―不明者発見されず・知床事故で海保

 北海道・知床半島沖で26人が乗った観光船「KAZU I(カズワン)」が沈没した事故で、第1管区海上保安本部(小樽市)は28日、海底から引き揚げて作業台船に載せたカズワン内に入り、事故原因の究明に向けた船内の検証を開始した。損傷状況を確認するなど、業務上過失致死容疑での捜査を本格化させる。

2022.05.28 19:48Nation

Investigators Search Inside of Salvaged Tour Boat in Hokkaido

Coast guard and other authorities on Saturday searched the inside of a salvaged tour boat that was involved in a deadly accident off the Shiretoko Peninsula in the northern Japan prefecture of Hokkaido last month.
   With 12 people still missing after the accident, investigators are looking for any clues to discovering them. So far, 14 of the 26 people who were on the Kazu I tour boat have been found dead.
   The salvaged tour boat, placed on the multipurpose work vessel Kaishin, arrived at the port of Abashiri on Friday afternoon. Work to drain water from the boat is under way at the port, in order to move it onto land.
   Before the boat was pulled from the seabed, divers searched the inside of the boat on May 20 and 21, only to find none of the missing people.
   The 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, based in the Hokkaido city of Otaru, and others are continuing the search for the missing while expanding the search area to include waters around Kunashiri, one of the four Russian-held islands claimed by Japan.