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引き揚げ完了、網走港に 28日にも船内捜索―近く陸揚げ・知床沈没事故

 北海道・知床半島沖で26人が乗った観光船「KAZU I(カズワン)」が沈没した事故で、第1管区海上保安本部(小樽市)などは27日、海面まで引き揚げた船体を作業台船の上に移動させ、網走港(網走市)まで運んだ。台船上で水抜き作業をした後、28日以降に同港へ陸揚げする。また、同日にも作業台船に載せたまま船内の捜索を行う。

2022.05.27 20:29Nation

Salvaged Japanese Tour Boat Transported to Port

A tour boat that was salvaged after sinking off the Shiretoko Peninsula in the northern Japan prefecture of Hokkaido last month was transported to a port in Abashiri aboard a work barge on Friday.
   Investigators from the Japan Coast Guard will carry out work to drain water from the Kazu I tour boat for one to two days. After the work, the boat will be unloaded at the port as early as Saturday.
   Coast guard investigators will then check the damage to the ship in detail and step up efforts to determine the cause of the accident and whether it resulted from professional negligence.
   The Kazu I sank to the seabed at a depth of some 120 meters on April 23, leaving 14 of the 26 people aboard dead. The 12 others are still missing.
   The boat was once raised to about 20 meters below the surface on Monday. The next day, however, it dropped to the bottom of the sea again, to a depth of some 180 meters. On Thursday, it was lifted to the sea surface.