2019.12.23 16:41Nation

コンビニ「柔軟経営を」 24時間営業は需要次第―経産省報告原案


2019.12.23 16:41Nation

Japanese Panel Calls for Flexible Convenience Store Operations

A panel of experts established by Japan's industry ministry came up with a draft report on Monday calling on major convenience store chains to allow flexible operations at each store amid severe labor shortages.
   The panel, headed by Motoshige Ito, professor at Gakushuin University, is set to finalize the report in January.
   The report will not be legally binding but is likely to force major chains to reform store operations.
   The draft report said major chains should review their around-the-clock operations in view of changes in the business environment and customer demand surrounding each store.
   Store owners should be allowed to close flexibly depending on their circumstances, the draft said. Currently, they are obliged to open even during the year-end and New Year holiday period.