2019.12.23 13:20Nation

ブタ体内で人間の膵臓作製へ 明大の研究計画を了承―文科省


2019.12.23 13:20Nation

Japan Approves Program to Grow Human Organs in Pigs

A science ministry committee approved Monday a Japanese research program to grow human organs, such as the pancreas, inside the bodies of pigs for use in medical transplantation.
   The study will be carried out by a team of Hiroshi Nagashima, professor at Meiji University, and other researchers.
   The group will inject human induced pluripotent stem, or iPS, cells into fertilized eggs of genetically engineered pigs with little ability to develop a pancreas and then grow the eggs in the uterus of pigs.
   The fertilized eggs are expected to develop into fetuses with pig and human cells. The group will remove the fetuses some 30 days after the transplant and check how human cells are mixed into the tissue that would became a pancreas.
   If the group obtains favorable research results, it will grow the fetuses longer in the uterus, eventually until birth.