2022.05.17 12:43Nation

訪日客受け入れ、月内に実証事業 少人数ツアー形式で―斉藤国交相


2022.05.17 12:43Nation

Japan to Conduct Test to Accept Foreign Tourists in May

The Japanese government will conduct a test this month to see if the country is able to accept foreign tourists safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism minister Tetsuo Saito said Tuesday.
   Foreign tourists are currently not allowed to enter Japan due to the country's COVID-19 border controls. In the test, foreign tourists in small groups of package tours will be accepted.
   Tourists from the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore vaccinated with a third COVID-19 dose will be able to participate in the package tours, which will be strictly controlled by Japanese travel agencies and accompanied by tour conductors.
   They will be allowed to only visit areas where prefectural governments concerned agree to accept them and which are not covered by COVID-19 restrictions such as a state of emergency.
   Through the test, the government will see whether infection prevention measures for group package tours are effective. Participants will be asked to wear face masks and sanitize their hands thoroughly.