2021.10.21 19:32Nation

連合、ベア2%程度要求へ 格差是正目指す―22年春闘方針案


2021.10.21 19:32Nation

Rengo to Demand 2 pct Pay-Scale Hike

The Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or Rengo, confirmed Thursday that it will demand a pay-scale increase of about 2 pct in 2022 "shunto" spring labor-management wage negotiations.
   It will call for a pay-scale hike for the ninth consecutive year.
   Rengo will also seek a combined increase of about 4 pct in seniority-based wages and pay scales, aiming to lift the salary standard from the bottom up and correct wealth gaps.
   The size of Rengo's demand for pay-scale growth has been maintained since 2016.
   Rengo, the umbrella body of labor unions across Japan, will make a formal decision on its policy for the upcoming shunto at a central committee meeting on Dec. 2.